Youth With A Mission possess schools, courses, seminars, etc. all over the world, through THE UNIVERSITY OF THE NATIONS.


Founded on biblical principles, the University of the Nations fulfill its promise with Christ and His Great Comission, and equip the men and women with the spiritual, cultural, intelectual and professional formation, inspiring them to continously grow in their relationship with God and at the same time try to make him known among all the people of all nations.


The UofN practise the modulate system, with 12 modules in class (12 weeks of internship or 36 weeks of night classes and some courses require field practice or assignments in their area of study.


The University wishes to extend the range of evangelistic efforts, equip the students so that they can serve in all the spheres of society and in all nations, being salt and light in this world (Matthew 5).

To achieve this, we will teach them to think biblically, to discern spiritually and to apply the biblical truth to every area of their life.


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